My Vision for the 25th District

Delaware is a state of neighbors. At the heart of my campaign is a genuine desire to improve the lives of everyone living in the 25th District in the following ways.

Reproductive Freedom. I believe in a woman’s right to choose and in full access to reproductive health care. Delaware has codified a woman’s right to abortion in state law; the legislature should continue to work to ensure and improve access to all forms of reproductive healthcare for every person who can have children in our state.

Public Education. I believe an investment in early childhood education is a critical investment in our future and that Delaware should offer statewide pre-K. We should also reform our school funding system so that it is more equitable for low income or high need students; English language learners, and students with disabilities – three groups that constitute more than half the students in the Christina School District. I also believe that schools are made safer through enhanced services, including mental health care.

Gun Safety. I believe in common sense gun laws, which are supported by the vast majority of Delawareans, and have been proven to reduce crime and suicide rates in other states. Delaware should pass legislation requiring a permit to purchase firearms and should explore state-sponsored methods of offering low-cost training for firearm use and storage as well as community education around suicide prevention.

Criminal Justice Reform. I believe we must address the root causes of crime and end the school-to-prison pipeline through government programs and funding. Delaware should work to provide that funding and should also reform the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights to ensure police accountability, transparency and engagement with the community. I also believe that we should legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana.

LGBTQIA+ Rights. I believe in protecting the rights of all LGBTQIA+ Delawareans, in the right to gender-affirming care for everyone, and in protecting trans youth from discrimination in school. I believe Delaware should create a nonbinary option for gender on every legal document.

Higher Education. The University of Delaware is the largest employer in the 25th District and is the chief driver of innovation and economic development for the state of Delaware. On a personal level, I’m a proud Blue Hen alumna whose education opened up career and life possibilities for me. I believe that the legislature should work with UD to expand offerings and opportunities like this for everyone.

Living Wages and Worker Protections. I believe our state needs to invest in workers and protect their rights. We should continue to raise the minimum wage and make sure any worker can form a union without harassment or retaliation. I support strengthening the Community Workforce Agreement Act to expand our use of project labor agreements, prevailing wage, and apprenticeships.

A Greener Delaware. I believe that every Delawarean deserves access to clean air and water; this should be codified in our state constitution. We also deserve to know that the state government takes the climate crisis in our low-lying state seriously. Delaware should create a comprehensive plan for cleaner energy and for a greener economy. In the 25th District, we should continue to work to expand our walkable/bikeable infrastructure.

Equity for All Delawareans. I believe that everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status should have the same opportunities. We need to be proactively addressing issues that impact our communities. We need to codify these protections in our state constitution. 

Voting Rights. I believe secure and accessible elections are the foundation of our democracy, and while the recent legalization of mail-in ballots is an important step, there is still more work to do in Delaware. We should make Election Day a state holiday, institute same-day registration and encourage turnout and reduce costs by holding our presidential and statewide primaries on the same day.

Government transparency. I believe in government transparency and accountability. We need to increase protections for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and ensure our state’s annual budget avoids conflicts of interest/directing funds to those politically connected.